Sara Studdard

SARA IS THE Community Engagement & Marketing Director FOR EXPLORE BIKE SHARE BASED IN MEMPHIS, TN.

she expands on the civic-focused process that initially determined the feasibility of bike share in Memphis BUILDING ON HER TIME as EBS Project Manager and President of Explore Bike Share’s Board of Directors.

She spent three years becoming expert in global models for bike share, from system planning to launch to operations, and led the community input campaign to assure that Memphians guided the design of the system.

Prior to her work with EBS, Sara WORKED with other grassroots organizations and a variety of stakeholders including Mid-South farmers, neighborhood groups, non-profit leaders, corporate presidents, national voices on equity, and creative placemaking advocates.

Kyle Wagenschutz

As Director of Local Innovation, Kyle leads the PlacesForBikes team at PeopleForBikes.

He is working on a new three-year initiative called The Big Jump Project to expedite the planning and development of comfortable bicycling networks with a goal of doubling or tripling bicycle rates in 10 U.S. communities by 2020.

Prior to joining PFB, Kyle spent more than a decade advocating for better biking in Memphis, TN serving as the Director of Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop, Vice President of Bike Walk Tennessee, and Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager for the City of Memphis.

Kyle was recognized by the Obama Administration in 2015 as a Champion of Change for his work in Memphis and honored at a White House ceremony.